Increase email conversion rates with our inbound marketing agency

Email Marketing Conversion rates

Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Most recipients spend no more than a couple of seconds when viewing an email. A single idea must be decided upon with email marketing to grab your recipients attention and direct them towards the desired action.  We optimize your email marketing campaigns in the following ways:

  • Custom HTML email templates are created and used to give your target audience an engaging message increasing your click-through-rate (CTR). We also use plain text emails to ensure maximum deliverability. 
  • We segment your communications to improve your email marketing campaigns because your contacts are at different points in the sales cycle. Our email content provides your segmented audiences with relevant and valuable branded content, opening up lines of communication! 
  • The Inbound Spot visualizes your customer's journey by staying fresh in their minds through a limited number of email automation's. This results in a highly qualified target audience because email automation's give your brand the opportunity to move the target audience further down the sales funnel.

Inbound Email Optimization 

Our email marketing campaigns take advantage of A/B testing to measure and optimize deliverability, open, and click-through rates. This helps our agency make sure that your weekly newsletter and automatons are created to brand specific data - allowing us to create more engaging content tailored to your target audience.   All of our email campaigns use branded and non-branded keywords that your website is currently ranking for in subject lines and content where possible to increase traffic to your site. Our inbound team has a proven ability to maximize your return on investment with email marketing when you partner with us.