Grow your Ecommerce Business with Social Content

Grow your Ecommerce Business with Social Content

Shopping online can be a nerve-wracking experience. All too often I find myself with my mouse hovering over the ‘buy’ button uncertain of whether or not to click, while contemplating if the product I see on my screen is really what I will receive in person. I don’t know about you, but I need reassurances from a business before I can confidently make a purchase on an e-commerce site.

To grow your e-commerce business online, you need to exceed online customer service standards and nurture leads with social content. Building trust is a complicated venture especially when you are starting out, but by following these tips you will give your consumers the trust they need to confidently click that buy button!


This may seem a little counter intuitive, as your end goal is to always sell more products – but it is important to build relationships first. One sure-fire way to turn consumers away is to flood them with sales pitches. In the world of B2C ecommerce marketing on average decision-makers connect with five social content posts before they are ready to talk sales. Provide your customers with useful, valuable and share-worthy content. Keep the experience social: tell consumer stories, provide helpful tips, and share news. Make sure to balance promotional posts with ones that educate, inform, and entertain.


Utilizing high-conversion keywords in your post will inevitably increase visibility which allows for a broader reach. Preform keyword research to discover the terms consumers are using to find relevant content. Incorporate these keywords in your posts to ensure optimization.


Stay relevant in your customer and prospects minds by posting regularly. Consistency is key, make sure to post at similar times each day. This shows your commitment and reliability to sharing valuable content.


Whenever possible, include visuals in your social content. You are much more likely to catch that busy prospect’s eye and pull them in! Remember to make your images shareable on social media platforms (i.e. include ‘Pin It’ buttons to encourage consumers to share your product images on Pinterest)


Staying short and sweet will ultimately lead to more views at a quicker rate as well as a higher chance of engagement.


Let your customers do the work for you! Prospects are much more willing to consider a product when recommended by a third party. Let all of those raving reviews work for you by sharing them on your social accounts.  You could also get creative and show off customer photos including your product, too!


Interact with followers, social media has given companies the opportunity to really engage with their consumers. Join conversations, respond to customer posts, thank those who share your content. You want your business to feel warm and welcoming to prospects, treat them like friends and they will return the favor!

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