How to Write Engaging Email Copy

How to Write Engaging Email Copy to Increase Conversions

Email marketing has made leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Your brand does not necessarily need to have all of the bells and whistles attached to an email because plain text can perform just as well. Just make sure you're creating engaging content!

How do I engage my target audience with an email? It comes down to a few simple copywriting best practices that should engage people in the subject line and the overall message of the email. Also, remember that email marketing is all about how you got your subscribers to begin with. So if you bought an email list from a company promising conversions “galore” you’ll soon realize that you got swindled.  

Engaging your Target Audience with a Subject Line

One of the most important metrics in email marketing is the open rate. How do I increase that? When you write an engaging subject line it instantly gives your brand the advantage over the other 10 to 15 emails in someone's inbox. No, one will read the email copy if you don't nail down the subject line first!

Use actionable language to increase conversions, but don’t use verbs each time you send out an “email blast” because people will start to recognize your subject lines. Also realize that your email click-through-rate is just as important as the open rate and that means the subject line needs to be relevant to the overall message.  Give your target audience an idea of what they can do with the information in the email and how it can benefit them, should they choose to open it!

Put your lists  into segments as soon as possible so that you can tailor the content to fit individual needs. Make sure that when you write the subject line it is purposeful first and actionable second with a call-to-action. This will make your email copy more engaging and give your brand increased conversions.

How to Increase Conversions with Email Copy

Now that your subject line is relevant we can start writing email copy that convinces readers to stay engaged. How do I write engaging copy?

Start getting familiar with writing in the second person using the pronouns “you,” “yours” etc. While you won’t be penalized by Google’s next search algorithm update for keyword stuffing don’t get too carried away! Using a nice balance of second person ad copy in emails allows you to keep the focus on the customer and not your brand.  Remember that inbound marketing is all about engaging audiences with content that they want to see and that means staying committed to what they recognize as being valuable information.

Stay away from the features of your product or service and focus on the benefits! How can I use this product to fulfill my needs this spring? How is that service going to make my life more convenient? The more your target audience can relate to your message the better. Let's talk about consolidation.

How to Write more Engaging Copy

After you write your first draft sit back and look at the overall layout and make sure your not trying to stuff a book into one email. Remember to use only one primary call-to-action at the bottom of the email. Leave the reader hanging so that they click through to your website for more information. Thats where you will start to get more sales because if you have a link to a blog post in the email and the blog has an engaging call-to-action at the end of the post you may have an instant conversion!

I only need one primary call-to-action? For the most part people scan online and it's not wise to have a bunch of spammy buttons in your email copy. Try to insert clickable images in the email copy because it will void the need for anchor text and the need for more than one call-to-action button. Not to mention your emails will look clean and more actionable to a customer or client.

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